library of presenters in articulate presenter 13

Jun 12, 2014

Hello - I would like to know how I could export my library of presenters to import into a different system.

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi June!

Players, player colors, text labels, presenters, and playlists are also stored in the project-specific *.ppta file for each presentation you create. As a result, they'll always be available for existing projects even if the saved versions are deleted from your computer or if your projects are transferred to another computer.

Check out this article as well if need be.

June Kuznicki

I understand that.  I have recently got a new computer.  I use the same presenters repeatedly on new programs and am trying to find a way to export the presenter library from my old computer to import in my new so I don't have to retype all the information.  I have found how to export the players that I have created, but I have yet to figure out how to pull out the presenters library.

Doug Thom

June would like to do something which should be very simple - import her folder of presenters into another machine, but it is not simple. We can import and export players but we cannot import and export presenters. Yes, you can share a package but that does not import the presenter data, it allows you to process the package with a presenter on a new machine, but when you go to another presenter lesson, the presenter is not available in the presenters archive, so this is not the answer unless I am missing something. I think that it is time for  a Windows 10 update to this problem. I have located where the presenters folder is but I cannot just copy it to a new machine as then the Presenter 13 app on the new machine no longer works but yields an error message. So, please  how do I import my presenter folder/presenters into an installation on a new machine?

Doug Thom

I am still trying to find the correct folder for Presenters. The link above does not find the Presenter folder for Windows 10 and Presenter 13.  I am requesting an update to help me locate the very elusive Presenters folder so that I can export my Presenters to another machine. Thanks!

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