LMS looking for missing notes

Oct 16, 2013

I know you must type in text in the notes panel in order to have notes in your course and to have notesbig30


My problem is this; our LMS is reporting 404 errors looking for note.swf for slides that do not have notes typed in. For example; we have CYUs or quizzes in our courses and they do not have any notes. Yet the xml will create a call for them (<notesswfbig>notes/notesbig16.swf</notesswfbig&gt. This is causing a lot of problems for us and bogging down our LMS looking for the files. 

Is there anyway to publish a course without the xml calling for these types of files? I don't want to have to create "ghost" swf files to fix this or remove the call from the xml.

Please advise,


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