LMS settings question

For my courses, I use quizmaker more for content delivery than for actual testing. For example, I have a module that I built with 4 separate quizzes embedded within presenter. My LMS requires a number to come back in order to track completion, so the Track completion by pages viewed setting can not work for me.  My quizzes are interspersed throughout the module.

Besides creating a quiz page at the very end of the module to get an actual "number" back from the LMS, is there anything else that I can do to get a "number" back to the LMS to track completion? Or is there any way we can select both pages viewed and quiz for tracking?

Thanks in advance for all thoughts

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Brian Batt

Hi Lan Lam and welcome to Heroes,

It's currently not possible to send both a quiz score and track by the number of slides viewed.  Rather, I'd recommend putting a basic quiz at the end of your presentation that has a single basic question.  Something like "did you enjoy the presentation?" would suffice.