LMS tracking options - view all slides AND pass the quiz

Nov 14, 2011

When publishing for LMS delivery I can choose to set completion by number of slides viewed OR passing grade on a quiz. I want to require users to view all slides (not necessarily in order) and pass a test. I've created a slide that the user views after passing a test, so I can track by number of slides viewed, because the user will only view all slides if they pass.

However when testing, if I skip to the test and pass, I see the last slide and my LMS status is Failed but there is no warning message or notification to say that you havent viewed all slides.

Does anyone have a way to add that warning? I can add my own directions and explain it on slides, but it would be nice to have both. If anyone has another way of accomplishing the same thing, let me know! I'd prefer not to restrict navigation.

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Peter Anderson

Welcome to Heroes, Brittney!

Have you considered hiding the navigation panel so that the user is forced to go through each question one by one? You can do that via Player Templates -> Layout -> Sidebar. Kind of the same concept as restricting the navigation without actually doing it...


Is that helpful?

Brian Batt

Hi Brittney,

Have you considered just tracking by the quiz?  The reason I ask is that you stated the following:

"the user will only view all slides if they pass."

In other words, the user won't be able to pass the quiz unless they've viewed all slides.  So, it sounds like the easiest thing might be to track by whether the user passed the quiz.

Brittney Price

Hi Bryan,

Unless I restrict navigation so users can't jump to the test, or remove the navigation all the way, then users still can jump to the test without viewing all slides and pass (If I use the quiz to track completion).

We offer continuing education units for our courses (CEUs) and our accreditation requires a certain amount of time spent in the course. In the past I've just used restricted navigation but it would be nice to allow users to jump around - as long as they viewed all slides eventually.

When I tested it myself using free navigation but requiring all slides, there was no warning or message to users before exiting to say "You haven't viewed all slides to earn a passing grade" or something like that. So you can actually jump to the test, pass it, get to the end and exit, and receive a Fail.

Phil Mayor

Hi Brittney, if your reqiurement is for 100% slides viewed and pass a test then I would take another approach and split the quiz off from the course, set the course tio track by number of slides, and then upload the quiz to your lms and track by score, not sure what lms you use but you should be able to use both of these as conditions to release the certificate

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