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Jan 07, 2012

Hi all.

I have recently created 2 e-learning modules through Articulate which have been uploaded onto a company Learning Management System/SANA. The LMS (on previous e-learning module created in different packages) has the capability to shows whether the module has been completed by specific users or not, in the form of a progress bar, while also showing how much has been completed (i.e. if half of the module has been completed then half of the progress bar is highlighted green and the statement '50% completed' is visible). However with my 2 new modules the progress bar does not highlight how much has been completed.

I understand that the 'Reporting and Tracking' function when publishing to an LMS gives 2 options for tracking for completion; tracked by a quiz or tracked by the number of slides viewed. This would only provide a definitve answer as to whether the module has been completed.

Can anybody provide any insight into whether there is a possibility of changing settings within Articulate to enable the progress bar feature in the LMS to work correctly, and highlight how much of a course has been completed? Any sort of help will be much appreciated.

Thank you


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Peter Anderson

Hi Harjinder,

Not sure if you've had a chance to check out our great article on troubleshooting Articulate/LMS issues, but it's a great resource and may give you some insight into the exact information Articulate sends to LMSes:


It's typically up to the LMS to decide how that data is reported, so if you haven't already, I'd recommend discussing the issue with your LMS team and perhaps sharing the above link with them. 

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