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Feb 09, 2012

Hi Everyone,

I have just switched to using Camtasia (trial) to try get better quality video capture and it has a feature when you publish it that you can tell the video to loop itself.

In hope I did this and it works when played on it's own but when inserted it into Presenter it doesn't seem to loop.

Does anyone know if I can get it looping? I am using it as a tab to link to another part of the module and it would look better if it kept going rather than eventually being a still frame (it is only 20 secs long). I realise I could just copy it onto the end of itself a few times to make it play longer but I'd rather keep the file size down.

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Dwayne Schamp

Have you tried both methods of emedding the video:

I have used looping with regular Flash files, but not with Camtasia. I know that Camtasia files don't adhere to all of the same flash commands regarding frames and frame length.

if you can't get it to work on its own, you might try embedding the camtasia output swf into a Flash file, and have it loop that way.

James Brandwood

Thanks for the ideas Dwayne,

I do have the file set to play independent of the slide but I wasn't aware that Camtasia creates flash files differently (it is set at 30 fpm). I am only trialling Camtasia 7.1 so if there is something else I should be considering that would do this easier let me know.

I'm not too sure how you would go about embedding the swf into a flash file - any instructions on that would be appreciated.

Camtasia does output mp4 and flv, which I haven't tried yet, Perhaps that would make a difference.

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