Lost imported audio and video

Imported audio to each slides, and added one page with imported video. preview looks normal.  After put into package as a zip file, reopen the file from package, the audio and video are lost.

I made 4 courses about same number of pages, two of them behave normal, and another two behave like above: lost audio and video after put into pacakge.  What I found is that the ppta files for the two abnormal ones are of very small size (please see attachement, BV-1 and BV-4 are abnormal ones which show very small size in ppta files)

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Lauren Connelly

Hi Bryan!

I haven't seen this error where audio and video aren't playing in the Articulate Package, so I'd like to get our Support Engineers involved.

I see that you've been working with Angelo on another issue with a Presenter project. Is this the same project? If so, I encourage you to continue communicating with Angelo so we can find a quick fix. 

If it's not the same project, let's start a new support case! Please use this link to start working with one of our Support Engineers.

bryan pu


Let me decribe my CURRENT issue below first, then I will follow it with the historical issues I encountered.

I made 4 courses using Articulate 360, I previewed few slides and the slide with vidoe inserted, everything looks fine.  I failed to preview whole file and publish them (those problm was reported and trouble shooted for a few weeks but not solved), therefore I sent the pakages to my collegue who also downloaded an trial Articulate, and let her to publish for me.  Publish in her PC went through and slides looks ok for audio, annotation, and quiz etc EXCEPT the vido content was lost, same issue for all 4 courses.

Since I evaluate Articulate several weeks ago, I have encontered several issues listed below, 

- can not publish, reported in separate task earlier, trouble shooting with your help, not solved.

- lost autio and video after packaging, reported in this task chain earlier, not solved

- Current issue: lost video after publishing in my collegues' PC.

I am going to send this report to Angelo by email.

Hope I can get help  and problem solved soon.