Massive Project. Is Articulate the right tool?

Mar 21, 2012


I normally create short eLearning modules to post to our LMS in SCORM but now I have a project that is more like a textbook....30 Chapters. I have three concerns about using Articulate for this:

1. Pop ups: I know the workaround for pop ups and I can make them work (branching to a hidden slide) but at 2-3 pop ups per page, those hidden slides are going to get out of control.

2. Multi-SCO: There is a scored quiz on each chapter and a need to report on the scores so I'm assuming that each chapter will have to be a separate SCO in a SCORM package or else I'll need to upload each chapter as a separate course and try to get the LMS (Saba) to manage it.

3. I'll be importing Captivate simulations as MP4s (a limitation of using Articulate 9 and Captivate 5). At 5 per chapter and 30 chapters, I'm worried about file sizes.

Can anyone allay my fears or give me ideas on how to work around them?


Adam Weisblatt

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Zara Ogden

Issue 1.

Well like all good articulate users and followers of Tom it is all about reusing. Create like pop ups so that you can simply cut and paste the correct assets.One you create a template you can use it again and again and again. Even for other programs.

Issue 2.

The way i look at huge projects is like multi-day in class sessions. People need breaks. In our LMS we create a "certification course" you have to complete x y and z to successfully be certified in the course. Kinda like college. x y and z are the scorm packages. if you don't complete a module in the course you have to take it again and or can't move on.

Issue 3.

File sizes can become an issue only if you make thing to complicated. Don't worry about the flash files as much as it is important to worry about the image sizes and individual objects. Before publishing walk through your program and group as many images as you can then cut and paste them as png's or other image type files. That really really slims down you publishing time and file size.

This is my take on it...I will allow the much higher level explanations to come and give you all the technical reasons why.

Jeanette Brooks

Hi Adam - welcome, and thanks for posting!

What kind of pop-ups are you needing to create? Would an Engage Labeled Graphic work?

If you need to stick with using the duplicate slide trick in Presenter for your pop-ups, I'll echo Zara's thoughts about reusability - one thing you could probably do is leverage master slides to cut down on repeated objects. So for example if you have a slide that contains 4 pop-ups, you could use a single master slide layout for all of the persistent elements. This way, Presenter only needs to publish those common objects once, rather than for each slide on which they appear.

Not sure how big of a time crunch you're in, but Articulate Storyline (which is nearing the end of beta) handles pop-ups really well, and there are actually multiple ways to do it (and all of them are easy). So if you're just in the researching-your-tools phase right now, it would be worth it to see how Storyline might fit your needs. We'll be launching soon, and once we do, there will be a free trial available for download.

Re: multi SCOs, right, there isn't really a turn-key way to do that, but here are some possibilities you could look into.

Re: your Captivate files, another alternative is to go the web object route which might alleviate the file size concern.

Phil Mayor

Hi Adam

I would support everything Jeanette is saying about Storyline, and Storyline handles web objects amazingly.

If you end up going the Studio route I may be able to help with popups sort of see here

login student password UCtest

view any scorm, cancer registries is a good one, click through to the map of the UK, I have a flash file that does that and is easily editable.  Not popups as such but useful

Adam Weisblatt

Phil: "You could almost style our popups as postit note the background and stroke are user defineable so you could set them to yellow with black text, just an idea,"

What do you mean by "our popups"?

Also could I do this by putting the text on an html page with hover overs and then put that in as a web object in Articulate? Would Presenter allow the hover over action when published to SCORM?

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