Moodle SCORM and Retrying a Quiz to Pass

Feb 26, 2013

Hi there,


I was wondering if anyone can shed any light on the following:


We have created a course which is running on our clients LMS, which is moodle.


The course is a series of slides, with a quizmaker quiz at the end.


If the user fails the assessment, then retries the assessment, they are unable to better the score in the LMS, even if they actually pass in the module. (e.g. the Moodle isnt acceoting the pass score if the user has already failed).


Our clients LMS supplier / Moodle installers has advised the following:


After investigate it, the problem is that Moodle works in that way. If you enter into the SCORM without a new attempt, you enter into it in Review mode, so the SCORM is not going to send any update to Moodle.


You need to start a new attempt to let the SCORM know that Moodle data should be updated with the new results.


Our suggestion to sort this is speak with your SCORM provider, and tell to them that instead of fail when you don't reach the passing score, get an incomplete. If you get an incomplete, the next time that you launch the SCORM, the system will let you continue on the same point, and the system will update the score correctly.


Now we have published the course as SCORM 1.2 as all variations:







Yet this still fails to work.

Our clients LMS supplier / Moodle installers has then since advised the following:

In order to mark a SCO as completed, the course should set the SCORM 1.2 data field 'cmi.core.lesson_status' to one of the following values: completed, passed, failed.

All of them represent the course being completed in some way - but clearly 'passed' and 'failed' make more sense when used in a course that is assessed or scored in some way.

It is also not unusual to leave the status as 'incomplete' if the user fails the test (rather than setting it to 'failed') - in order to allow the user further attempts at the quiz. 


Does anyone have any work around suggestions to this or any advice you can give?

Ultimately, we want the user to be able to retry the assessment if they fail and better their score in the LMS. 

Kind regards



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Alan Bourne

Thanks for coming back to me Phil, from what they are telling me the overwriting in review mode is what isn't working, it's effectively blocking the SCORM from updating the score.

the only problem with allowing force restart is that use user will have to complete the course again (which is 40 pages, locked) so this isn't really an option for us. Otherwise this would have been perfect.

I'm fairly comfortable with modifying the JS,

So far I've stopped it setting the course as "failed" in the success status, and stopped the score from being set if below the pass mark, however this still failed to resolve it.

Thanks again.


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