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Feb 28, 2012

Hi all

I Tweeted yesterday about Presenter not publishing motion paths properly. I've made a very quick Screenr of the problem.  Slide One should have circles arriving on the scene to act as buttons, but to get the positioning correct I have used reversed motion paths.  Slide Two they move off screen from their new positions (using forward motion paths) back to where they came from.  This works in PowerPoint slideshow, but when published, Articulate just converts them all to forward motion paths meaning they start the presentation by leaving the slide.  Any suggestions?



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Jeanette Brooks

Hi Gavin! I just tried something similar with a very simple example, and it seemed to work ... maybe check out the attached file and see if it is set up any differently than yours?

Another thought is that maybe you could try the Motion Path add-in tool that Tom featured in this post. I think it would allow you to avoid having to reverse the paths.


Hi David,

I did notice that, so I deleted Jeanette's Fade to check. Her one still worked.  I think it might be the Arc motion Paths?  Jeanette has used a Custom Path. I started off with these but changed to Arcs as my line drawing was a bit lumpy :s

I tried publishing my one in Captivate and it worked first time and now that I know that in theory it works in Articulate it's even more annoying ...these things are sent to test me!


David Anderson

Hey Gavin, 

The arc's aren't working for me, either. Our animation support page suggests they should, so I'll want to check with support.

You're right about the custom paths and they seem to work better. I did give it a go using the Motion Path Tools plugin Jeanette referenced and that really worked well for creating the start and end animations. If you want to use Arcs, that might be the best way to go.


Jeanette Brooks

I hear you on the lumpy custom paths. One thing that might help smooth things out a bit is to to right-click the path and choose Edit Points. Then you can click a point on the path and drag the bezier thingy around to customize, or choose Smooth Point. Another thing that helps is if the points along the line are spaced evenly; you can right-click a point and delete it if you have too many points bunched-up along the path.

David Anderson


So, I was inspired and now I'm trying to re-create it to push my skills and creativity.

Very cool, Gavin. I can't tell you how many times I've lost a night (or more) trying to recreate something cool I've seen like that touch screen. That's got to be one of the best ways to learn and grow our skills.

Thanks for sharing the source project with us. You've done a great job capturing its essence.

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