Multiple languages in ONE course?

Apr 19, 2012

Has anyone created one course with multiple languages, using branching?  I am working on a mock -up but can foresee some challenges (you can only have one main language).  Please lket me know if anyone can share their experience!

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Bruce Graham

Hi Justin,

Not sure this is possible in Presenter, however, this would be easier in Storyline.

Even in Storyline, the issue here is not the translated threads but the GUI labels, which language would you want those to be in?

Whilst you could run everything off a central "hub"-style menu, you will still need to have a start-point.

Tricky one.


Justin Whayman

Thanks Bruce yes I am trying to do this in Storyline and have 4 branches coming off the initial "hub" style menu so the content is not the problem. The problem is the GUI as from what I can see you can only set this globally to one language but I would want this to change according to what language was selected from the initial screen, or some kind of workaround. Can you use symbols instead of the text on the next and back buttons for instance?

thanks Justin

Justin Whayman

Sorry I lose track of where I am these days ! This is a perfect solution for the navigation, however there would be an issue with the Resources, Menu and Glossary functionality since these will all be different for each language as well as the contents. So at the moment the Engish version has its own Resources link, menu and Glossary of terms, the French version has different resources, the menu items will be in French as will the Glossary...

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi all,

I don't know if you've seen this thread, but it offers some really innovative ways to look at branching and multiple languages, specific to quizzing. 

Joshua - I think you're going to have to translate each within their own separate Storyline file, and then import back into your main file using the branch set up. 

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