My thumbnails seem fuzzy

The quality of image in thumbnails of slides in the thumbnails tab seems to not change regardless of compression. 

Also the thumbnail seems to show every object on the slide regardless of whether it is invisible initially and appears during the course of the presentation. This makes the slide appear even more messy.

Is there any way to improve the fidelity? Is there a way to show images that more properly represent what the user will see first in the slide?

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Tom Kuhlmann

The fidelity of thumbnails is not something that can be changed, however, you can customize your thumbnails by replacing the published thumbnail files with your own images.

This is done by first locating the published thumbnail file(s), which will reside in the the published project folder /data/swf/ directory. All thumbnails are identified by the first 3 alpha numeric combination.

For example: tb1.swf would represent the thumbnail for slide 1 and "tb2.swf" for the thumbnail for slide 2 and so on. These are simple shockwave flash (.swf) files that can be replaced with .jpg images as long as the image size conforms to 140 wide x 105 pixels high. Saving a jpg image to the correct size and then changing the file extension from .jpg to .swf will load your custom images when viewing your published project.

Keep in mind you will have to either delete existing thumbnail files when replacing/renaming with your image files before this change will be noticed. Any republishing of your project to the same directory will overwrite any of your custom thumbnail images, so be sure to keep a backup in a separate folder/directory.