NCAA Inspired Design

I really get into March Madness with all of the energy and excitement it generates...but, unfortunately there can also be some frustration when my brackets fall apart.

I was inspired by the sponsor graphics highlighted when CBS would return from a commercial break.  So, I tried my hand at using the same line of design and motion for an elearning course design.  I used istockphoto to get all of the elements pulled together and then used Photoshop, PowerPoint and Articulate to make it all work.  Let me know what you think!


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David Anderson

Doug - First, I really like the template. Great job handling a complicated background. But what I also appreciated--maybe even more--was your commentary on the design inspiration along with how you worked with the design elements. That's the kind of context that really helps new e-learning designers understand the process.

Thanks for sharing!

Doug Mattson

Thanks Gabe, David and Jeanette!

Any time I see a web page, magazine add/article or a graphic on tv that I like - I find a way to get a screen shot or photo of it somehow, paste it into a PowerPoint that I named Design Ideas.  I go back to that PPT when I need inspiration or a creative kick start. 

deborah sorrill

Hi Doug,

Very artistic template. I agree it is was engaging following your creative process. I have been using Evernote to track notes and graphics for a course, but I hadn't thought of using PPT as a creative journal. Makes so much sense.  Thanks for the great template and commentary.  Deb S.

Gabriele Dovis (italgo)

Doug Mattson said:

Thank you, all!

Great advice Rob!  Tom pointed out adding a sound effect for when it slides in and out too.  Both would be nice additions.


I agree with Tom, audio always gives a nice touch to presentations.Try to Imagine the star wars lightsabers moving without hearing wwwwwuuuuuummmmm wuuuuuuuuuuuummmmm