Need Help Building Tabs

Apr 12, 2011

I want to build a tabbed (index card) interaction across a page in PPT (see pic below). My idea is to have the learner click on each tab to "learn more" about a specific topic. Any ideas on how I can build it/make it work?

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Al Miller

Thanks for your reply, David. I did download Tom's template. I was trying to build something that worked more like the tabs across the top of the screen in Firefox etc. I'm building a series of courses for a client on Anatomy & Physiology. Right now I'm working on a module on the A&P of the Urinary System. I want to develop a screen on the nephron and have the learner click on the tabs--which would be on the bottom of the page, for example-- to "learn more" about its components (renal corpuscle and renal tubule). Seems to me it would be more engaging and interactive in a course that would otherwise include a lot of bullet points. I've inserted a pic below. Does this make sense to you? Any ideas on how I can build it and make work?

Kim Statom

You could use something like this (formatted to your visual design purposes).  I got this idea from one of Tom's blog posts.  Each tab is hyperlinked within PPT to a hidden slide that contains the information for that tab.  Because the screens are duplicate with the exception of the tab and the information within it, to the user it appears that they are staying on the same screen.      

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