Need Some Inspiration Ideas - Scenarios for When to Drug Test EE's

Sep 11, 2012

So, I am rebuilding the boring PowerPoint that all new managers have to go through when hired regarding Safety.

One section is about the Drug Policy and when we can legally test employees based on law and our policy.

The info is pretty dry, but I am trying to think of a way to spice it up a bit. Any ideas?

Ex. Pre employment, involved in accident, reasonable suspicion, random (if it will benefit the interest or safety of our employees)


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David Anderson

Great topic and kinda surprised no one jumped on this one.

Can you give a sample block of content or scenario around areas of focus? For example, you mentioned "reasonable suspicion". Are you focused more on preventing false profiling or how to better profile, spot reasonable suspicions? Seems like you have high-level categories around: job performance, physical appearance, communication (verbal, email) change in lifestyle.

So, maybe those types of categories are buckets that let learners drill down a bit? Tom's RSI model comes to mind since it allows the three choices. Here's a *very* quick mock-up of what I'm thinking. I should probably add some more narrative around what I'm thinking, but I'll wait for your feedback to know if I'm even close to helping

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