New to Publishing to HTML - Black Screen pop up issue - NOT MOBILE RELATED

Hi all,

Issue - a Black Screen pops up before any video element, within Captivate screen capturing web objects, whether Articulate is hosted on an LMS or just launching locally.

I'm relatively new to publishing software simulations to only HTML.  I have done one short course prior to this but this had no video elements within those screen captures.

Publishing Captivate alone displays no Black Screen, only once hosted with Web Objects onto the Presenter Slide and then published by Articulate.

We no longer want to publish to Flash due to standardisation issues across our organisation.

I have attached a movie of what happens.  Captivate switches from individual screen grabs to movies when you drag-and-drop with your mouse then reverts back to screen grabs.

This black screen displays every time one of these elements begin in Internet ExplorerFirefox displays a white screen and our organisation will not use Chrome.

Hope someone can help.  Cheers


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Steve,

Thanks for the video - although I'll admit I'm still a bit lost. Is this a course you're creating in Captivate and then bringing into Presenter? It didn't look like a normal Presenter player to me, but perhaps you've also set up something custom. 

I saw you included some boxes to hide sensitive data, so I assume you can't share the link to your course or a copy of it here in ELH - but could you share it with our Support team? They can sign an NDA if needed as well! Let me know if you upload it there and I'll follow along! 

Steve Blackwell

Just to help out any other software simulation creators who use Captivate HTML5 captures alongside Articulate Studio '13 and may encounter this post, the official stance from Articulate Support is as follows:

Articulate Studio '13 is only supported using the latest version of Google Chrome for Windows PCs.

Unfortunately, should your organisation not allow the use of Chrome, I would recommend the following:

  • any dragging motions (e.g. scroll bars) are not kept within your capture
  • you manually capture a screenshot at the beginning of the movement
  • you also manually capture at the end

to eliminate the problems we encountered.

Please note, that whilst this advice applies to Captivate capturing, the issue only occurs once that published capture is published within Articulate Presenter.

It certainly isn't the end of the world for us using Presenter, just a shame we have to jump cut dragging scrollbar scenes in the simulation.