No sound on Galaxy Tab 4

Jan 21, 2015


I work in a phone company (where this year, all the commercials work with a Galaxy Tab 4 to purchase our products with the customers) and recently I have done two courses on Articulate studio'13 which the content has no text and only illustrations and voice.

On PC there is no problem (the viewer can listen the sound) but I can't understand why we can't listen the sound from the course on Galaxy Tab 4 ?

In the publish menu, I always select "Include HTML 5 output" and "Use Articulate Mobile Player on iPad" to read Articulate Course on iOS and Android, and we use Moodle as LMS Platform.

Does someone know why the sound don't play when we see the course on a Android Pad ?

Thanks for the answers.


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Adriano,

Are you viewing the courses within the Mobile player on your android? You'll want to use one of the supported browsers and operating systems here. Since you're hosting in Moodle do you publish for Tin Can API? Does the rest of the course play but just not the audio? 

Since tablets typically control their own volume, and override anything you've set in terms of slide audio - you'll also want to check the audio settings on your tablet. 

If you'd like to share a copy of the course or a link to it here, we're happy to test as well. I have a Galaxy with Android 4.2 and an iPad mini with iOS8.



I up my post about my problem of sound with a tablet Galaxy S4 and Articulate Storyline 2.

So, I found where is the problem and its comes from the browser my company use.

On Google Chrome we can hear the sound file (on mp3 and Wav) but we cannot hear the sound from the browser AirWatch (my company decide to use it for its security paramaters with the navigation).

The thing I don't understand with the browser AirWatch is : I can hear the sound from a Adobe Captivate Course (file Wav in Captivate) and from Storyline 2, I can hear videos (file MP4) but not the audio (file MP3 and WAV).

So my question is :

Does the problem comes from the Browser AirWatch ? or  Does Storyline 2 needs a parameter to fully work with AirWatch Browser ?

Thanks for your answers.



In french : Je remonte mon post concernant mon problème de son avec une tablette Galaxy S4 et Articulate Storyline 2.

J'ai trouvé où est mon problème et il vient du navigateur qu'utilise mon entreprise. Sur Google Chrome je peux entendre le son (fichier MP3 et WAV) mais je ne peux l'entendre sur le navigateur AirWatch (mon entreprise l'utilise pour ses paramètres de sécurité avec la navigation).

Une chose que je ne comprend pas avec le navigateur AirWatch : je peux entendre le son sur un cours Adobe Captivate (ficher WAV) mais sur Storyline 2, j'entends la vidéo (fichier MP4) mais pas le fichier audio à part (en MP3 ou WAV).

Donc ma question est : Le problème vient-il du navigateur AirWatch ? ou Est-ce que Storyline a besoin de nouveaux paramètres pour bien fonctionner avec le navigateur AirWatch ?

Merci de vos réponses.


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