No way to advance from Engage interaction to next slide

I converted one of our courses from 09 to 13. When I get to any engage interaction that was already in the course, I have no way to advance unless I click on the next slide title in the menu. There are no next and previous buttons displayed. I cannot see that I can change anything in Engage to display the buttons. The slide properties show previous and next branching for each interaction. The buttons do show when I create a new Engage interaction.

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James Hinkle

They are checked but grayed out so I cannot edit them. These are set up the same as the interaction I just built but it displays the buttons. When I publish the course, the buttons are not there. When I preview, I will see them for an instant when the course first displays but then they go away.

James Hinkle

Tom, I figured it out. They are not added automatically when importing but if I open the interaction in Engage, go to Interaction Properties and turn on the Previous/Next buttons, it works. I just figured since they showed to be on in the slide properties that they would be already on the slide.