Notes Disappear When Syncing Animation with Narration

Apr 17, 2014

Hi Everyone,

For several years now, across both '09 Studio and '13 Studio on different computers, we experience a problem that makes syncing animation with narration a bit challenging. Sometimes, maybe 10% to 20% of the time, we will select Articulate > Sync Animations and the PowerPoint notes text on the right-hand side of the screen will not be showing. It makes syncing more difficult because we cannot follow the text. It has happened in many, many different courses. Sometimes we can even go back into the same slide to sync it, and the second time the text will appear. Or vice-versa, we can see the notes text one time, and if we try to sync it again later due to a change, the text may not appear.

I assume this is a bug in Presenter because it has spanned multiple Studio versions and multiple courses and multiple computers, but I have not seen a lot about this on the forums.

Does anyone know a fix for this?

Thanks in advance.

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Keith Kemsley

Hi Leslie,

Thank you for looking into this. (It has been happening for years.)

I'm not sure how much the screencast will help as it will just show what was described in my post and the problem is not specific to a particular computer or a particular version of Studio or a particular course...but here it is. (Or even a particular language. We do a lot of foreign-language conversions/localizations and this happens...which is particular hard on my "foreign language audio/animation synchronizers" who didn't build the course themselves.)

Hopefully we are just missing something simple.

Also, the video shows a "crash" at the end. We definitely have this happen more with '13 than we did with '09.



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