Objects not render fine after publishing

I am trying to a do something fairly basic.

I have a text box with a few lines.  I want to highlight one line at a time as I am reading through it.  (This is a reading comprehension course, so I have to show all that text on the screen).  In order to do this, I created 3 text boxes, each with the relevant sentence in black and other sentences in grey.  I then animate these text boxes at the right time.  Now when I publish the output, the text does not line up well and hence does not render clarity.

What should I do.

I have attached the relevant files here.

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Payal Tandon

I solved my problem...Instead of overlaying these large text boxes on the slide, I decided to make the first text box disappear before making the next text box appear.  This way, at a time there is only text box on the slide.

Now that I think about it, it was such a simple problem with a simple fix...but it did drive me crazy...:) Well now I am happy...