Odd boxes/text cut off in published course

Sep 15, 2014

Good morning,

I am republishing a course that we created a while back. I've published a few times over the last year with minor updates and haven't experienced any issues until now. Suddenly some of the slides have random boxes that appear to either be covering parts of the text or have shifted text to cut off some of it. When I go into my source file, I can see this on some of the slides it's showing up on, but not all of them. I've tried changing the layout of the slides that were affected to just have a title, because it seemed like some of them suddenly had an "image" box placeholder that wasn't there prior. However, when I preview, the issue is still occurring - even though I'm no longer seeing the issue on the slides themselves. I have a feeling this explanation isn't going to cut it for getting assistance. Should I just submit a ticket and my files?

Thank you!

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