on TUTORIAL: Tips for Mng'g Project Files...

So if this is JUST me needing more coffee, just let me know...


So 2/3 of the way or so down the page we have ....

Hosting published content

Viewing published content on your local hard drive or a network drive isn't supported. Security restrictions in these environments can cause various features in your content to fail.

<etc... etc... etc... etc...>

Sooo.... While I totally get that "security restrictions" on someone's say.. work-supplied computer, MAY indeed cause various features in the content to fail. BUT... isn't it a little ... wrong, to precede it by the blanket statement that viewing published content, specifically on your local hard drive, isn't supported?

I mean, I can certainly "publish to my local hard drive", and then go into the published folder, and click on player.html for testing, and everything works fine.

Could that sentence be a little, misleading, ...orrrrr.... is it saying something else?

Just a little IMHO


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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Alison! I don't think it is misleading, we are simply guiding our users to publish their content so that it works as intended. 

We support various methods of publishing to meet the needs of many.

Support in this instance does not mean that it 'won't work', it simply means that our Articulate Support Staff will not be able to assist you when you embrace a method that is 'not supported'.

I hope that helps

PS - I always vote for more coffee, any excuse will do!