Picture/graphic popup/enlargement

Mar 17, 2012

I've got 4 photos on a single powerpoint slide and I want the user to be able to click on each to enlarge it in a popup.

I could create an extra 4 slides (hide them) and hyperlink to them from each slide as work around but a popup would be nicer.

Has anyone got solution other than the one proposed?



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Phil Mayor

Hi Ian

I have attached the files, you need to insert the swf onto your slide, the xml needs to go in a folder called xml (lowercase) and the images need to go in a folder called images (you need athumnail and zoom image).  After publish add these folders to the root directory.  Hope the xml is self explainatory if not let me know.

That course does not go live until April 2nd, we are experimenting with the collapsed topics on our test site, it looks good, but it breaks a hack we did to the navigation block

Davids answer can be done using cut and paste, add an image in quizmaker add the zoom then cut the imgae, add your image add the zoom then paste

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