Player properties revert to original settings (Presenter 360)

Apr 03, 2017


Whatever changes made to the player properties (i.e. Player title, Player Tab, Presenter etc) goes back to original settings after any piece of audio is integrated into a slide using the Articulate Editor. The ISDs may have to revisit the player properties to redo the changes that need to be implemented as part of the standards document. Additionally, when importing a custom player, it must be imported twice for the custom colors to apply.


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Alyssa Gomez

Hey Robin,

Sorry to hear the ISD's are hitting this roadblock. I just did a quick test of this in a sample Presenter 360 file, and I found that my custom player settings remained after adding or editing slide audio from within the Articulate tab. Is it possible that the ISD's are working from a network or external drive? Those are known to cause trouble, so we always recommend working from your local C: drive. 

Also, do you know if the ISD's used this method to import the custom player?

Andrea Stone

Another heads up, the Quiz that is tracked by the LMS for SCORM completion defaulted to the first quiz in the course. In our case, that is a two question "knowledge check." It was originally set to complete based on the score of a final test. So go back to the Reporting and Tracking and reselect the correct tracking option. In our case, this is really important for compliance purposes and could potentially get us into regulatory trouble. 

Robin Brandenburg

Andrea -- We have also experienced the issue you are describing. When publishing the course we always have to double check that the exam that is to be used to track successful course completion is selected. Frequently, we have already made that selection earlier in the production process and have found that when we go to publish a different Quizmaker file is selected.

Liz du Plessis

I'm having similar issues working with PowerPoint with the Presenter 360 add-on, working from and saving to my local C: drive. When reopening files, I fairly often (1) see player settings revert to default settings and (2) have to reinsert videos on slides that I had inserted using "insert" from the Articulate tab. The videos sometimes appear to be on the slides, but when I publish are not.

I have these same issues when editing a file that I had, after initially working from my C: drive, subsequently saved to Microsoft OneDrive. I downloaded it to my C: drive to edit it. In addition to the issues above, I also had to reinsert a PDF that I had uploaded to the Resources area of the player.