PowerPoint crashes every time I try to open Quizmaker

I created a quiz with Quizmaker last week and it worked fine. Now, every time I try to launch Quizmaker via the ribbon in PPT or by clicking the "Edit in Quizmaker" button, it crashes. We're on a deadline for a series of modules for The Coca-Cola Company and I'm losing precious time trying to get this to work. Please help!

NOTE: I did move the PPT file and the .quiz file to another folder because I was having problems with narrations dropping and/or getting replaced with narrations from other modules. This seems to be related to the problem with the Quizmaker, but I'm not sure what to do. I've had so many problems with Articulate Presenter and have lost hours of time due to all these glitches.

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Peter Ward

I'm running into this crashing problem again. I had a file that was perfectly timed and client approved. Then, inexplicably, when I published the final version, it swapped out the audio files with audio from a different course! Unfortunately, I didn't notice and the client is the one who caught the mistake. I've been working late tonight trying to fix the narrations, including animation cues that were lost, but I can't finish. Every time I click the "Narration" button, it makes PowerPoint crash. I've uploaded the files to case file 01633077.

Please fix ASAP!