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Nov 15, 2011

I'm using an eval copy of Articulate and I really want it to work so I can buy the product.

However, it is not working for me.

I have a number of PowerPoint presentations that I want to make into Articulate Presenter flash content.

The sound is pre-recorded in the PPTs,

On one presentation,  where the sound file was added as one massive file at the beginning of the presentation, and then PPT slide timings were set based on the audio.  When I convert this to an Articulate presentation, I get no sound, just massive static..

On another, the sound is recorded as individual sound clips on several slides.  When I convert this one to Articulate, no sound comes through at all.

Do I have to do all these presentations over, recording the sound in Articulate?  (That would not be good, since people have spent a lot of time working on these.

Finally, is there no ability for the user to click through a slide, triggering the animations on their click?  The complied Articulate Presenter files run but user clicks don't have an effect on the timing of the presentation.  I very much want people to be able to run the slides at their own pace, so that they can read a paragraph, take time to internalize the information and then click to see another paragraph.

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Ron Price

Hey Phillip.

Here are a couple of links that may help address your audio issues:

I think one of the misconceptions with Articulate is that it is a PPT conversion tool.  In reality, it is an authoring tool that uses PPT as its authoring platform.  Starting a project with that in mind helps, since some traditional ways developing slides (audio and slide transitions for example) do not serve you as well in Articulate.

Hope that helps.

Concerning navigation from Slide to slide - The Articulate - Slide Properties menu is where you can change to "Advance by User".  The default setting is automatic advance.   Also, hyperlinks to other slides work in Articulate, so you can always get creative and build your own navigation buttons as well.

Good luck, I hope this helps a little.

Brian Batt

On top of Ron's reply, it is not possible to allow the user to initiate on-click animations in the Articulate Player. As the author, when you record your audio, you will be able to synchronize your audio with your on-click animations. 

You can learn more here: 

You can simulate on-click animations by spreading the animation over one or more duplicate slides. Please see the article below for more information on this technique:

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