Oct 28, 2013


I was asked to change the tracking of the lessons.  Since I changed the lessons to be tracked by the number of slides (3 or 4) when opening a lesson it would appear with a red thing saying "you have input not valid data, impossible to open this window".

I noticed that by eliminating the prerequisites, the lessons then could be opened.  So, I only let the prerequisites in the final exam: all the lessons have to be finished and passed in order to be able to take the final exam"   But now the same note appears, "you have input not valid data, impossible to open this window".  If I eliminate the prerequisites, then users will be able to take the final exam without taking the lessons.  

How can change this?  Leave prerequisites and let the other lesson be opened with no problem?  

I am attaching a picture of what happens in the site...

Tks ,

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Paty,

It looks like this set up is within your LMS with separate modules or Presenter courses? You may want to share what LMS you're using so that the community can weigh in on how to connect multiple modules and check that the previous one has been completed. If I'm mistaken and this is all one course (file) you may also want to test it within SCORM Cloud to see if you're able to progress as you've designed and then if the behavior is not reproducible you can share that with your LMS team. If you're able to encounter the same behavior in SCORM Cloud, please package your Presenter files (Presenter 09 directions) and send them along to us by attaching them on the second page of this link. 

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