Presenter 360 : No presenter video and sound on mobile version output.

I've built an Articulate Presenter 360 presentation and it contain many presenter video. Output setting are :

  • Web
  • HTML5 only
  • Optimized quality

On a computer and laptop, everything is ok. The player is responsive at this is what I want. However, on mobile device (I tried Google Pixel and iPad Air) the presentation starts with a full screen overlay with a huge play button. It's cool. But when I press « start », I find a new cool interface but I can't see the presenter video and I can't hear the sound from the video.

Anyone could help please ?

Thank you!

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Ali Goulet

Hey Mario,

Thanks for sharing those screenshots here- sorry you're running into those issues on mobile devices!

The initial play button and the interface you describe (the responsive player) are both expected and as designed for mobile viewing. However, they shouldn't affect the video and audio in your course- those should function normally.

I'm happy to help track down the issue! Can you share your unpublished files as an Articulate Package so we can do some testing? Here's how to create one, and you can attach the .zip file right to a comment here.

Thanks again!

Mario Gervais

It seems, as Lea from Articulate told me, that the mobile responsive player doesn't support sidebar video...

[ let me breathe... I am doing my best to stay calm...]

The main reason why I switched to articulate 360, is linked to a discussion that I had with one of articulate's employee. He told me that it could be a good idea to switch to 360, to take advantage of the mobile responsive player... 

But what is a mobile responsive player if it doesn't support ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT OPTION OF ARTICULATE PRESENTER, WHICH IS THE SIDEBAR VIDEO ?????

[sorry, I couldn't keep it inside...]

AND, how come you, Ali, didn't know this ?

Ali Goulet

Hey Mario,

First I want to apologize personally. Without seeing your file itself and going off of your screenshots, I hadn't realized it was a sidebar video rather than a slide level video. I'm sorry for my oversight there. 

The information Lea shared with you is correct, sidebar videos aren't supported in the responsive player

I'm really sorry this has caused setbacks in your workflow. I do understand how frustrating this has been, and I've reached out to our Product Development team on your behalf to share this pain point. 

Our team is small-- it's a very short ladder that things are running up. I really appreciate your honest and candid feedback, and please know we really are trying to do what we can to make a product you LOVE.

Mario Gervais

In the meantime, What are you suggesting as a workaround ? We need something in HTML5 and something that fit any screen type (PC, tablet and cellphone). Something that get the most out of each screen.

Thank you Ali and sorry for getting carried away. But it represent many hours of work. This is not the first time...

Ali Goulet

Hey Mario,

No need to apologize, I can definitely sympathize with the amount of time you've invested in this already.

I'll be honest here that I don't have a complete workaround to offer currently. I do have a partial one, however. If you publish as HTML5 with Flash fallback, you'll have the option to use the Articulate Mobile Player:

Sidebar videos are supported in the Articulate Mobile Player, so your users on Androids and tablets will be able to view them. 

Articulate Mobile Player isn't available for iPhones, however. So anyone using an iPhone will be seeing the HTML5 version with the built-in mobile responsive player. 

Erik Abasciano


I just wanted to see if there was any plans to make any changes in future releases to address the issue Mario is having? 

I was surprised when converting one of our older courses that had a module with sidebar videos present that there was no video or no audio when viewing on tablet or phone. 

In our case, it wouldn't be so bad if the video was hidden when viewing on a tablet or phone if the user could hear the audio during playback but I was really surprised when the audio wasn't playing. 

For now we are going to remove the sidebar videos for this course and replace it with audio only but for future projects it would be nice to know if this was on the agenda to have some sort of fix? 

Thank you, 


Claudia Kather

I just made the workaround to put the video directly on the slide and minimize it up to the right corner. It works but surely better is a sidebar video, because I still need some space for the company logo which is also not supported in the Mobile player version.

The AMP export doesn't help so much, because mainly apple products is used.

(non native speaker)

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Claudia, and Welcome to the E-Learning Heroes community! We're glad you're here. 😀

It's a good workaround that you have in place, and we'll let you know if anything changes in terms of this feature.

The AMP is supported for iPads and Android devices, but that also doesn't support sidebar videos.