Presenter 360 Slide Properties

Dec 18, 2023

Hi. Can I lock the next button on some slides and not on some others? For example, transition slides- I need the user to hit next instead of waiting for the full bar. But for a slide that requires them to read it, I need to restrict them for hitting next. When I did the lock button on slide properties, it won't let me advance onto the next slide even when it's done loading the bar. If I unlock, you can advance whenever you want. When I do restricted under navigation restrictions/ restrict next/previous buttons it works until the bar is down loading, but if I need them to advance faster on certain slides they cant. Please advise! 


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Jose Tansengco

Hello Sarah,

Happy to help!

The restriction to navigation applies to all of the slides in your Presenter 360 course and there isn't a way to change the behavior for specific slides. You can however import your slides over to Storyline 360 where the navigation can easily be controlled/restricted using built-in triggers. 

Feel free to share your PowerPoint presentation here and we'll be glad to show you how the navigation can be restricted on specific slides!


Sarah Lichy

Hello Jose! I actually imported into Storyline and I think I figured it out, however, now animations/slide transitions didn't import properly from PowerPoint into Storyline so I am fixing those!  

How can I adjust the trigger so the next button doesn't show up until after all animations come on the screen and once they do, the user can advance onto the next slide without waiting for the seek bar to finish? I have not figured this out and it's frustrating.  My current triggers are below.  As you can see the next button isn't present right away, then it shows up after my animations are done, however, when I click on the next button it won't allow me to go onto next slide.  I think because my timeline goes for 1:29 minutes because of all the wording which I can't shrink either.. 

Jose Tansengco

Hello Sarah, 

Not all animations and transitions are supported in Storyline 360. Here's a complete list of the ones that are supported: 

As for your design requirement, there are many ways to approach it and I've attached a sample project file which shows one method that you can do to activate the 'Next' button when all animations complete in the slide. Basically, I added custom states to all of the objects in the slides which the objects change to when the animations complete. I then added a trigger that changes the state of the 'Next' button to normal when the states of the objects are 'Custom'.

Let me know if you have any questions!