Presenter published to web won't upload

I have three presentations that I worked on in Articulate Presenter '09.  Two uploaded fine and one did not (uploaded for web).  When I look in the folder that generates after I publish (on the one that won't work), the data file is there (but empty) and the player.html is there but the player file is not there.  I have re-entered all the Engage and Quiz interactions.

I have an older version of that presentation that uploaded fine so I tried to copy and paste the "player" folder into the newly generated folder.  No luck.

any ideas?

thanks in advance for your help


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Lynne and welcome to Heroes!

Are you viewing your content locally, or have you tried to view it within it's intended environment? You may encounter security restrictions and your content can fail if viewing it locally, so you may want to review this article about how to view and share your published content.