Prev button not working correctly

I am using Presenter ’13 to publish a course. I am facing a peculiar issue with the course navigation using the Next and Previous buttons. While the Next buttons are working fine and taking me to the next slide, the Previous buttons on some slides are malfunctioning. Upon clicking, they take me to another slide in random order instead of the previous slide. This is happening for a couple of slides throughout the whole course. There are some slides which have been hyperlinked. However, those are not necessarily the slides causing a problem. The problem is the issue cannot be located in the Slide Properties window – it shows the controls as being set to Next and Previous only. Also, these are PowerPoint slides and not Engage Interaction slides, which are known to develop similar problem sometimes. I have tried most of the common troubleshooting tips to resolve this; even reset the Next and Previous controls in the Slide Properties window, but the problem isn’t fixing itself. We installed the update given in the following link, but even that is not helping:

Please help!

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