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Phil Mayor

Hi Mandy you will need to remove the spaces and dots, you could manually edit the manifest file after publishing to correct your identifier

The SCO identifier should not have any spaces

I would check with the client to make sure their lms will accept this or do they mean set the identifier to gcp_spt002164 and the version to 1.0

Phil Mayor

No problems, after publishing if you view the folder the imsmanifest.xml will be in the root directory of the folder that opens.  You can open this with notepad, I would reccommend something like dreamweaver or notepad+ that will make it a bit more meaningful.

Make a copy before you edit just in case you make a mistake.

You can edit the identifier in there, the SCO identifier should have no spaces

I would check with your client first though, its strange to ask for spaces and dots

hope this makes sense