Problems resizing player to full screen

Hi all.

I am wanting to resize my player so that i can utilize all the space available. I have no need for the menu. Please see attachment to understand what additional space i wish to use. I have expanded my screen to full browser size. Can i size above 100% and use scroll bars?


I would appreciate any help anyone can provide.

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Phil Mayor

The spare space on the left and right is because of the aspect ratio of your course vs the aspect ratio of your screen.  You would get fullscreen on your screen if you had a widescreen aspect ration in the course.

You can set the course to large size on the design tab and then lock it to optimal size which will show scrollbars on smaller screens, this would not be a good experience for users as it is better for the course to be totally visible in the window.

Even if you get it fullscreen on your machine, your users may have a different experience f they are using a different aspect ratio to you.