Problems with recording - Presenter

May 24, 2011

Hello everyone,

I am an Articulate fun, using it in every elearning project and company presentations!

Actually I am having some problems with recording on Articulate Presenter.

My courses is having ppt animations.

I recorded myself but unfortunately the sound doesn't stay on the exact slide and it passes sometimes to the next slide. What is more, sometimes i can listen to two different sounds for a slide. It's a total mess. What should I do? Can I somehow export the narration that I did? BTW I am using Articulate Studio 09 and Office 2010. Thank you in advance for your help!!!

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Ioanna Papanikolaou

Thank you very much!

Dwayne Schamp said:

You can export the narration from the Audio Editor, from the File menu, Export. As MP3 or .wav format.

Now if we go back to my presentation presenter, I have 5 slides, all containing multiple animations that are really necessary for the pedagogical procedure. I imported the sound on each slide and then I published it for an LMS delivery.

Although sounds are correct (I checked the .mp3 files one by one), all sounds are mixed in the published fileĀ and there is a audio mess. For example I am on the slide 2 and when I click on the slide 3, I can hear more that one sounds. How can i fix this?

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