publish with a very long portrait slide dimension -- scroll? zoom?

Jun 21, 2018

I'm mocking up new webpage layouts in PowerPoint. I'm using custom slide sizes -- Portrait orientation, 7.5" wide and 20" high. Makes it very long and skinny (like a scrolling webpage).

I'm wanting to publish using Studio into Review so people can click around the navigation I've linked up between pages and leave comments. It publishes, but the text is tiny. I was hoping that zooming the browser window would zoom the output player, but it does not. I've tried every combination of publish options I know of. I've also tried just publishing to the web and not to Review, but I get the same results.

If you have a slide that is really long, is there a setting for the player that would allow zooming in on the output?


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Heather,

I see the same, that zooming into a larger number changes the overall headers making the content smaller. Have you tried zooming less than 100%? I was testing in a few random courses I had in Review, and that does seem to allow me to actually zoom in (opposite of what I'd expect). 

Also, if you're designing a long page like that which you'd want to scroll have you looked at building something similar in Rise? 

Heather Beaudoin

Zooming out didn't effect the size of the course content for me, either.

We're not actually using it for a course. I'm mocking up a website design and using PPT as the GUI to create the mockup. The added benefit of publishing it in Studio was mainly to use Review to capture comments. I can do the same thing by publishing to PDF, but I thought Review would work well.

I am surprised to learn that content (actually what's on the slide) won't zoom when published for the Web. I tried several of the publish settings about locking/optimizing size, and I didn't see any change in this particular behavior. I'd think you'd have learners who'd want to use that browser zoom on content.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Heather, 

What were your setting for the player/browser sizing in the Web published output (not Review)? 

With the setting "Scale player to fill browser window", the player will scale up to accommodate the zoom each time you use the browser zoom controls. In other words, when you zoom in on the browser, you won't notice a visible change in the content.

Have you tried using the "Lock player at optimal size" setting instead? That should allow your learners to zoom in with the browser options.

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