Published Presenter '13 - Pushing 0 score instead of null to LMS

Jan 29, 2014


Please find below the scenario and questions:

Software being used: Studio ’13 - Presenter & Quizmaker


We have 15 modules within a curricula that are x number of slides long. 14 of these modules do not contain a quiz or assessment thus completion is based upon reaching x slide. The final module contains an exam and is the only module to push a score to the LMS. Completion of all modules is compulsory and a passing score of 80% is required to complete the quiz.

All 14 none exam modules have been published using the same settings AICC - Complete/Incomplete etc.

We have had 2500 users complete this curriculum, and 5% of users noted that their overall score is 75% or lower, which is a fail.

After much investigation with our LMS provider, SumTotal, and the modules themselves we have determined that for whatever reason, 5% of the time, 1 of the 14 modules is pushing a 0 score as opposed to a null score back to the LMS. This 0 score is bringing down the overall average for the curricula to below minimum.

Is seems that the module pushing a 0 as opposed to a null is random. For D user it is module 5, for G user it is module 2, for A/B/C/E/F and H user no issues.

It seems also random that each user was not using the same browser/ platform and or OS.


1.    Is there a reason why 5% of the time a module is passing a 0 score as opposed to a null score value when no quiz/assessment is present?

2.    Is there a work around for this/ hotfix solution?

3.    Have any other users reported this happening?

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Mike Taylor

Hi Matt! That sounds really odd. I haven't heard of anything like this before.  Do you have any information about how those "weird" 5% are accessing the course? i.e. which devices/browsers they used, are there any commonalities like location, "special" network access, etc etc? 

If you haven't already seen it, this article has some good ideas for troubleshooting LMS issues. From my experience wrestling with LMSs it was often a matter of trial & error to find the best combination of settings and then making sure everyone knew what those were to be as consistent as possible. 

Matt Mayer

Hello Mike,

From what we can tell there are really no commonalities. It is happening fairly randomly. We are still trying to get more details from our user group to determine if a greater number of them are using a similar browser and or OS.

I have created a case with our LMS, SumTotal, in which they have determined that it is the module which seems to be at fault. THe module should be passing a null score, but for some reason in such cases it is sending a ) score.

We are still testing this to see what is wrong.

Vigneshwaran Madhavan


The issues happening for Articulate Storyline as well. It happens even we are not reached the assessment slide. I have attached the sample course SCORM1.2 package and Story file, please test in LMS (I have tested in cloud SCORM).

1.       Upload the course in LMS

2.       Launch the course

3.       Navigate to the second slide

4.       Close the course

5.       Re-launch the course

6.       It will ask for the resume option, select Yes

7.       Close the course

8.       Now you can see the score set as 0 (Zero)

Please let me know the resolution for that ASAP.




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