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Oct 19, 2011

I am having an issue,  when i get ready to publish a course i go into the reporting and tracking options in presenter and the the following

LmS course information

title oqp task 10

identifier stays the same as the title even if i change it (i want to make the identifier SF_oqp_T10

LMS lesson SCORm inform

title is the same as the course information

Identifier is SF_OQP_T10_SCO

How do i get the identifier in the LMS Course Information section to stay with the code and not the title of the course.  Everytime I change it to the code click ok and return back to the reporting and tracking options window, the identifier automatically changes back to the course title.

Very frustrating when trying to have a simple code display in my LMS. 

Please help!!!!

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David Burton


Try changing the Identifier under the 'LMS Less SCORM Information'. This should update the identifier in the imsmanifest.xml file when published.

In regard to "the identifier automatically changes back to the course title", I am unable to reproduce this. Is your project file on your local drive C:? Having the file on a network while publishing or editing can cause odd behavior.Try resaving this file using the Save As option from PowerPoint, and choose a location on your local drive.

Note: If you are experiencing unexpected issues using Articulate software one thing to check is to make sure you are working on you local drive (this is typically your C: drive).

Make sure you have the latest Articulate Studio '09 update.

David Burton


My apologies for confusing the issue. Although the LMS Course Information Identifier will revert and match the LMS Course Information Title upon opening the Reporting Tab, if you make the Reporting change and then Publish, this information does get published correctly in the imsmanifest.xml file. Just make sure all changes are made in the Reporting Tab just before publishing.

eric mongrain


I just published a quiz (SCORM 2004) and made the two identifiers as codes the top one was WL_NA_Adj_KA and the second identifier as WL_NA_Adj_KA_SCO

i opened the imsmanifest file and here is what it is in the file. the organization identifier should be WL_NA_Adj_KA

organizations default="WL_New_Agent_Adjustments_Knowledge_Assessment_ORG">
    <organization identifier="WL_New_Agent_Adjustments_Knowledge_Assessment_ORG" adlseq:objectivesGlobalToSystem="false">
      WL New Agent Adjustments Knowledge Assessment
        WL New Agent Adjustments Knowledge Assessment

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