Publishing for Mobile - iPad and Cornerstone Mobile

Jan 23, 2015


I need your collective help with a mobile issue on an iPad using Cornerstone OnDemand's mobile app.

I have published Presenter '13 courses that are SCORM 1.2 and set the Publishing for Mobile boxes to use HTML5 and launched via the Articulate app.  On my iPad, I access the course using the CSOD app which then SHOULD hand-off the course to the Articulate app to launch.  Prior to iOS 8, the hand-off from the CSOD app to the Articulate app worked flawlessly, however since iOS 8, the hand-off no longer occurs.  The CSOD app prompts me to download the Articulate app from iTunes but the app is already installed.  So I just get stuck in a loop.  As a test, I re-published the same course but unchecked the "use Articulate app" box and the course launches on iPad, natively in the CSOD app!  Great, right?  But if I download the course to view offline, things blow-up again!  Can you please share known issues with this scenario?  Also, I cannot determine if the issue is with the way the course is published (via Articulate), or if it's a problem with the Cornerstone app or Articulate app.  Please, any help is greatly appreciated!  I opened a case with CSOD but they are slow to respond and I need answers!!

Thanks all for any assistance  you can provide!

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