Quality of sound in narration

Mar 04, 2013

I tried Articulate Presenter for the first time over the weekend and build a lesson. For each slide, I had text and pictures and was able to add narrative to each slide.  The problem is that the quality of the narration is bad.  It sounds like the narrator is talking into a tunnel.  The room was completely quiet and I used a microphone plugged into the USB port in my laptop.  Any suggestions to improve the narration quality?  (How can you confirm that the narration is going through the attached microphone and not just through the computer build in microphone--usually you can tap a microphone to check if it is on/working, but my microphone did not make the typical noise when I tapped it, it made no noise). Thanks.

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Bruce Graham

Hi Ed - and welcome

Massive topic......

You need to make sure, usually through the Control Panel > Sound settings that you are defaulting to the correct mic.

Certainly sounds as though something was awry.

Difficult to diagnose without seeing/hearing, however if it was echoey, you need to e.g. put lots of pillows around the back of the mic to reduce this.

Perhaps THIS might be of use, (albeit the voice quality in parts in terrible!)

Gets a bit silly in places - just ignore that.......


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