Question about changing Presentation Size

Mar 04, 2014

I am starting to think that changing Presentation size in Studio 13 is not the same thing as changing Player size. I have tried multiple sizes in PowerPoint and while the ratio of width to height does change, the overall dimensions of the player does not change. Is there a way to get a larger Studio 13 player window? I am displaying a video that becomes very blurry when played at the standard player size. I would like the optimal size to actually match the presentation size as it seems to implicate in these instructions

Ben Boozer

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Ben Boozer

Apparently I am one of but very few who is interested in changing the player size of Presenter 13. After reading a couple of pages of threads, I found one that exactly describes the issue I am having

I will assume that someone is aware of this problem and the fact that it has not been fixed.


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