Question about Video Encoder's cropping feature

I'm sort of new to working with video in e-learning courses. I am trying to educate myself on video topics and was looking at the Articulate Video Encoder demos... and I have a question about the Crop feature. Does cropping a video actually reduce the video file size? Or does it just change the way it looks for aesthetic purposes?

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Bob Lander

Hi there Cindy,

It actually does both. Using the crop feature will reduce the size of the video frame, which in turn reduces the size of the resulting FLV. If you're trying to reduce the file size, another thing that can help is to reduce the bitrate for audio and/or video. You can manually adjust those by clicking on Customize (under Movie Dimensions) when you publish.

You can also reduce file size by trimming the video, but of course with that feature you're actually removing content, so I'd recommend trying the above first.