Quiz wrapped in Presenter

I have created a Quiz which is part of a Presenter package.   The Quiz is set so that the user's can take the quiz once.  However, when I publish and test it, I am allowed to take the Quiz as many times as I want, and the score updates to the most recent score.   How do I adjust the Presenter package so that it will only allow one attempt at a quiz? 

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Phil Mayor

Sorry for my response, luckily you were able to translate my ramblings, if you set the lms to one attempt then only the first score will be recorded.  Unfortunately there is no way to stop them being able to take the quiz again if they reload the project, because that will be counted as the first attempt again, but your lms will not update

David Celaya

If you think about it, there are 4 places you can control "attempts". The Properties button at the bottom of the slide, "User may attempt quiz: *number of times*. Inside Quizmaker itself under Quiz Properties. Also inside Quizmaker you can set the number of attempts per question. And yes, finally, inside your LMS itself. Make sure they are all set to the same number. But Phil is correct in that if your setup allows them to reload or re-enroll in the project on their own, the LMS will see it as a first attempt.