Quizmaker player colours incorrectly showing in Presenter

Apr 20, 2016

Hi guys

I'm updating a Presenter 09 course in Presenter 13, part of which requires me to include the original QM 09 quiz via QM 13.  When I edit/preview/publish the quiz in QM 13 it appears exactly as it should re colours etc, but when I insert it into Presenter 13 it switches to what looks like default colouring (grey/white).

Is Presenter overwriting QM player settings?  Surely there is a way to retain them?

Haven't found any relevant posts to assist with this yet and haven't found a workaround that works.

Thanks all

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Simon Perkins

Ok, so it appears they share a unified player which is a good move for building stuff from scratch.  Can't see how this helps when having to alter 1 course out of 30 as this now renders that course's quiz totally different (in look and feel) to the others.  Updating the other 29 is not an option.

Hmm, spending 4+ yrs solidly in SL and not having to use Presenter in that time is proving a bind.


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