Recording audio in Presenter - audio 'files' saved in .ppta?

Jan 19, 2012

I'm working with others on a project. When they sent me the project files (pptx, ppta, intr, quiz, etc) they sent them in a zip package and not via the Send Articulate Package. As you know I had to re-sync everything.

A couple things got lost in the transition. The player properties - which is easy to rebuild. Also, they recorded all the audio within presenter. Now when I publish I can "see" in the seekbar an amount of allotted time for the audio, but no sound.

When recording in Presenter (compared from recording MP3 or WAV files externally and then importing) what happens to the audio recordings? I thought they may be packaged in the .ppta file. Are they exported out to separate audio files they just forgot to send me?

Any help appreciated. Already drafted an email informing them they may need to re-record with an external tool.

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