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Judith Davis

Hi Peter, I don't see an option on the left that is already called Transcripts.  It's the tab that is used for closed captioning that I want to edit with my own choice.  Have I just gone through the list options too quickly and didn't see it?  The training piece was not created by me, we received it from another vendor who did all the Articulate work and now needs to ensure all the CC is working correctly.  in the narration and close captioning it refers to that tab as notes, not transcripts, so we thought that would be confusing for the user and wanted to edit.  Thanks, Judith

Tamara Muroiwa


I have a similar issue; we have translated a resource into Lithuanian, but I cannot find out how to change the text for the Audio Transcript (bottom right-hand of the attached screen). It doesn't come up in the text labels list, and when trying to play around with the 'notes' attachment I ended up in worse issues (lost the transcript completely!).

Did anyone manage to find a solution?