Resource for users on viewing content? (ie setup/common problems)

Jan 20, 2014

I am starting a course in a few weeks for about 90 6th grade students using Articulate as homework. I would LOVE to have a page to refer students and parents to if they encounter computer problems viewing content. Otherwise I will be fielding the same questions over and over again.

Is there a resource page for viewers for Presenter 13? I would love to have one that listed system requirements  and steps for set-up for regular and mobile viewing and also covered what steps viewers can do to solve common viewing problems. This will save me and my students a lot of time and hassle.

If this page does not exist, can someone point me to the best information for each part so I can make my own page on my web site? 

Thank you, Robin

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Robin!

Our general system requirements for both Authoring and Viewing can be found here.

You mention mobile viewing, so are you expecting your users to use the Articulate Mobile Player or just view in mobile Safari.

I'm not aware of any pre-prepared document that has all of the information that you are looking for and it is hard to predict when you do not know the systems of your end-users.

How will you be sharing your content? Via web?

Robin Wooten

Thanks, Leslie. I found the page you were referring to but I need something more than the system requirements. I find the users often have the requirements but are blocked from viewing content by something else - most likely their security systems. This is by far the biggest problem. Are there steps they should generally take to solve this? I would love help in getting the information so I could create a document describing what to do for different systems if they have the system requirements but still are not able to see content. I would actually love Articulate to create this document and have it on their web site and update it as need be so I could just refer users to it!

Per your questions:

I will be using the web for access.

I just purchased Articulate Studio 13 but do not have experiences with using on mobile devices. I am happy to publish in different ways if needed to allow for different types of viewing. What works best?

Thank you, Robin

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