Resource tab - link won't open in google chrome

Jan 21, 2015

So, a basic question. When you add a web link in the resource tab of the player, how does the project decide what to open in, IE, Google Chrome, or Firefox? I have chrome and IE loaded on my desktop. It automatically opens in IE, which I don't want, I want it to open in Chrome as the skin I am using doesn't work in IE. If that makes sense.

If anyone has any ideas of how to get the project to launch in a desired browser, I would appreciate it.

Thank you.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Annette, 

I believe it'll typically open in the browser you're already viewing a course in - so if the course in being viewed in Chrome, the link will likely launch a new chrome window - unless the user has something else set up on their system. There isn't a way to force users to utilize a particular browser though - so you may want to provide them with information ahead of launching the course about which browsers work best. 

Annette Srisaguan

The course I'm publishing will go out to over 6000 people, many will have Chrome, many will have IE, some might have Firefox. So, I'm trying to get the course to work in all three. For some reason, the only browser it's working in is Chrome.  The biggest issue? The skin and the first slide which is an MP4, work great in Chrome but do not work in IE or Firefox.


Any ideas?

Thank you!!


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Annette,

Are you viewing your published content locally or once you've loaded up to the intended web server? You'll want to follow the steps here to ensure you're testing within the intended publish environment as otherwise you may encounter odd behavior from web browsers and their security restrictions. Additionally, here are the supported browsers for viewing Storyline 2 content. 

If you're still having difficulty after checking into those elements, we'll be happy to take a look at the course and do some additional testing on our end. Please share the .story file with us here. 

Katherine Plastich

Hi Heroes, it's been awhile since last post above, but I'm testing my published course uploaded to ScormCloud, on my pc, tablet, and phone.  I just tried to open a Resource word document on pc view, and it opens up a new window with attached message? and the doc is downloaded in bottom left corner.  I have to go to my bottom banner browser icon to go back to the course view, ouch!

Can the word doc view be downloaded on the same page as the course view?  Any other option to reduce losing the user, unable to find their way back to the course.

Understand that user will not be able to open the word doc on tablet/phone if they don't have Word software.  Would they be able to open a url link if made available, or limitation in HTML5/AMP not able to view any resource attachments?

Thanks for clarifying.


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Katherine,

Opening the document as a download is up to the browser and how it'll operate, so there isn't any way for you to control that from within Storyline or Studio. As far as the resources such as hyperlinks the Resources tab is accessible in HTML5 but not the Articulate Mobile Player per the documentation here.  You'll be able to access documents from HTML5 as well, as long as the device you're using can open the documents (so on an iPad for example, if you have a way to open PDF documents, it'll still work). 

If you need users to access items on the AMP, you may want to look at adding them to the slide itself as the Resources tab isn't accessible at all. 

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