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Sheila Bulthuis


It sounds like it’s working as it’s supposed to – I think restricting the navigation just means a user can’t jump around in the course (e.g., move from slide 2 to slide 5 using the Table of Contents if they haven’t yet looked at slides 3-4).

I’m not sure what it is you want it to do?  If there’s a slide where you don’t want them to be able to advance at all using the playbar (that is, you want them to have to click something on the screen to move on), you can use the Lock option in Slide Properties.

Does that help at all???

Britannia Robinson

Tanya I am having the same problems.  I publish my PPt and when I view it, the restriction button doesn't work.  I want the viewer to see the slides for 10 seconds before advancing forward.  The restriction will hold them off for atleast the 10 seconds I set it for, but it is not working on my PPts! 


Stephen L. Colucci, Ph.d.

I am having a similar problem Although i set the template to "Restricted"


and also set template so user can't scrub the seek bar, when I publish or preview, neither of these restrictions are applied. It's strange because I have used restrictions previously. Thank you for your help, as always.

Peter Anderson

Hey Steve!

The first thing I would check, is that you're choosing the correct template that you want to use when you're at the Publish dialog within the course. By default, Presenter automatically selects the template that you published with most recently, rather than the one you're currently working on (silly, I know). 

Any chance that might be the issue here?