Resume in LMS not working correctly

Dec 22, 2011

I have read a few postings that say when using an LMS you should disable the "Prompt to resume on presentation restart" button because the LMS should track it.

If I have this disabled and leave and return it starts me back at the beginning without remembering where I left off.  If I check this option and leave the "when running in lms ignore flash cookie" unchecked it will remember the progress - but only if a user clicks the exit button.  If they close the browser without clicking exit then no progress is saved.

Also when the return it prompts them to return to where left off - if they accidentally click no - then they are back at the first slide and can't progress to where they had been (the course is restricted navigation).

I am trying to figure out how a user can automatically get returned to where they left off (preferably without even being asked) and how the progress can be saved even if they "X" out of the browser without clicking he exit button.

Any help is appreciated.  Some students are closing out without clicking exit only to have all their progress lost and a few others accidentally hit "no" when asked to resume and they are also realizing that ll their progress is lost with no way to get it back.

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Sarnen Steinbarth

Phil Mayor said:

You still need to leave prompt to resume, just untick use flash cookie, should not need the user to hit exit, the same result should work with closing the browser, unless you are not opening in a new window and the user is closing the lms at the same time with the browser close.

Phil thanks for the info.  I was not opening it in a new browser so when they were clicking out they were closing articulate and the lms.  Having articulate launch in a new window looks like it fixed that problem.

Still can't figure out a way for it to automatically resume where left off.  Right now if I select "prompt to resume" on the template options it will ask the user if they want to resume.  If they click yes - then it works fine (though I would rather it not ask at all - just start the user at the right spot) - 

The big problem is if a user accidentally clicks "no" on the resume prompt.  Then it starts them back at slide # 1 with no way for them to get back where they were (restricted navigation) and no progress saved.  

I am still in the testing phase of this course and this has already happened accidentally to one "tester."   This could be a major problem.  At the very least a 2nd dialogue should pop up saying some thing like:  "are you sure you do not want to resume, no progress will be saved"  etc.

Any way around this so it can automatically resume, or at the very least raise a big red flag that the user is about to lose all of their progress?


Sarnen Steinbarth

Sarnen Steinbarth said:

Phil Mayor said:

You can change the wording on the resume popup so as to let them know it will completely reload the course

While not ideal.  This may be the only fix I can some up with.  


OK, I now have the course open in a new window and warn users that they must click yes to resume or else their progress will be lost.

This creates a new issue: the launch page.

I have found that if a user (accidentally or otherwise) closes the launch browser window before they close the player window then no progress will be saved, in fact, even worse it will reset them to zero (even if progress had been saved prior).  

I am not sure if this is how it is supposed to work, or if there is a way around this.

At a minimum I would like to add some text on the "Launch" page letting people know not to close it during the presentation.

Any thoughts or ways to achieve this so people don't accidentally close only to realize all progress is lost?

Justin Wilcox

Hi Kristin.

We do our best to make sure everything gets answered in the forums when a community member doesn't chime in. Your best bet would be to start one thread and then wait for a reply via that thread rather than multiple postings in different threads on the same subject. That being said, this is a community forum. If you want to make sure you are getting help from the Articulate staff on a particular issue, please be sure to submit a case:

Lisa Whalen

This may not matter now, as I see this post was from a while ago, but there is a setting in the player - Other - Resume with a drop down to:

  • Prompt to resume
  • Always resume
  • Never resume

If set to always resume, no prompt or screen directions required.

You also have settings for revisiting on the individual slides and layers to:

  • Resume saved state
  • Reset to initial state
  • Automatically decide


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