Revising a finished project?


I'm new to Articulate, I've been playing around a bit with Studio but haven't published anything yet.  I'm finishing up a small project and am ready to publish, however, I'll probably be wanting to do some additional editing of the project afterwards.  My question is, after a project is published can it be revised and edited?  Or rather, once a project is published, is it completely final and no further edits can be made?    I'm afraid to publish without knowing the answer to this.  Thanks very much.

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Ali Goulet

Hey Kit,

Great question! Each time you publish your course, Presenter will create an entirely new published output for you.

Your project file itself won't be affected and will still be saved in the same place. You'll still be able to open it, make edits, and republish whenever you choose to! 

So have no fear, publish away ☺️